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Goodbye to the party and the tour schedule
무무관합기도 15-05-01 12:10 204 hit

Dear master.
I am the director of the 2nd MMK world Hapkido Championship, Ki ho Kim

Because of your passion and attention, 2nd MMK world Hapkido Championship will be open in Seongnam, Korean/(2015. 7. 25<Saturday>)

I say Thanks to all my friend. And I send official document of 2015 2nd MMK world Hapkido Championship

This Championship`s Event fee is Free .

 But you have to pay Good-Bye party fee U.S $50 for 1 person.

This fee is for every person include Team manager, participant, Familly and so on.

The date of Good-Bye party is 2015.7.26.<Sunday.>

And also before the Championship MMK offer MooMooKwan technique seminar&Referee Seminar for free to 24day(friday).

And we offer tour course for $80 for 1day(2days for 160 and so on.). This $80 include Hotel, meal, transport and so on.

Actually we plan the 10 day course, but if you want, it is possible to reduce the day.(Ex> 5 day course.)

But please tell us enter date and leave date of Korea for Hotel.

When you enter to Korean airport we will go to airport to meet and pick up you.

And Please send the cost to stay<Tour course fee> and Fee of Good bye party until end of registration of an athlete

I say Thanks you again and please give many attention and participant.


director of the 2nd MMK world Hapkido Championship, Ki ho Kim