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About Competition
1) Participating Competition: Available 3 event for 1 Person.
(1 Group Competition Event, 2 Personal Competition Event./ Sparring is available for school.)
2) Event Timetable
*Events for Morning.
Group Competition. Form (Individual Male/Female. Color/Black belt each events)
*Events for afternoon
Sparring. Record Events (Falling/Kicking/Self-defense/Weapons)
<Events schedule may changed>
3) Fee for Competition.
*Events Fee& Referee Seminar is Free. Good Bye party is $50 for person.
HANA BANK 427-910005-01832 NAME KI HO KIM
4) Application period for Participant.
2015.05.15~2015.05.30(First Term) / 2015.06.01~2015.06.15(Second Term)
5) Note
Sparring competitors MUST bring own Personal protectors
(Arms, Shin, Mouth guard, Chest protector, Headgear, Groin guard, etc)
Sparring event(s) would cancel under 2 competitors.
When Sparring Participant are under 5, Color Belter and Black Belter match together. But When over 5, Color Belter and Black Belter matched separate.